Monday, July 23, 2012

KTS: help

Tonight I got some help from my three-year-old niece in finishing the hearts & harps (Kristi) socks. Well, mostly she helped pulling the yarn from the skein, which she finds really fun. First she was randomly pulling at the outside (the last sock she helped me with, the skein was so close to being used up it was dissolving), so this time I had to show her how a centre pull works. She liked that, and pulled out a lot of yarn.

Now I have several metres of slack yarn to knit up tonight — talk about motivation! Fine by me. I have seven more days before the end of the month. It would be nice to write up the socks and something like the raccoon jacket as being done. This quest is going to feel a lot different once I have some completed projects.


  1. I thought she would have been a good assistant with darning of the raccoon sweater. A good finder of strings.


    1. She probably would be! That thing is super-fuzzy.


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