Saturday, November 3, 2012

KTS: the problem with vacations

Still knitting the double-knit jacket, still blogging, but even I've noticed that it's slowed down considerably since I went to New York City (just in time to avoid the hurricane, as it turns out —  it will be a relief to hear things have gone back to normal there).

Thursday night I had a knit night at a friend's, and got a decent amount of work done on the double-knit jacket's sleeve. That's still the first sleeve, which seems to go slower the more I work on it. At this point the top of the tree is done (you know the sleeves from the shoulder down, remember), and I'm on the trunk part, which is just a straight vertical with geometrically arranged birds artfully scattered around it. I worked all evening on this thing and never even had to crack open the pattern book for a glance at the chart.

So I should just be zooming through, right? I should be, but I'm finding these "relaxing" parts freaking tedious for some reason. The parts with the charts seem to go faster, maybe because I make myself do a complete round so I don't lose my place.

Still, at this point I'm at about 41cm. Another 5cm and I can switch over to the cuff part of the chart. Then it's just the other sleeve (slog), the collar (plain stripes, but only a few rows), and the ties to keep the coat closed when I wear it.

It's like one of those dreams where the more you run, the more your goal gets further away.


  1. Maybe you need a deadline again. But I agree sometimes the plain bits are the hardest to get through.


  2. I can so feel with you while knitting my own Central park coat. I am now at the first sleeve and i already have the feeling this will take forever! As you say, this huge coat hanging on the needles, where you should knit in the round is absolutly annoying! If i ever knit this again, i will change really a lot. (but i doubt that i ever will knit those coat again :D )
    I wish you a huge endurance and cross my fingers, that we both will have this torment done soon ;-)
    Greetings from Sweden
    Karigan/ Alexandra

    1. Good luck with yours too! It looks gorgeous in the photos you posted on your blog.


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