leaf facecloths

I discovered that I had a sixteenth (urp) project on the needles:

It's a facecloth/dishcloth, and it's supposed to look like the one in the pattern I put in the photo. As it happens, however, I found out about a free leaf pattern facecloth the morning I discovered this project . So I ripped out the two spikes of the pinwheel that I already had done and made two leaf facecloths with the yarn instead.

It turns out that the leaf facecloth only takes about forty-five minutes to make (I timed the second one), and I can get two comfortably from a ball of the Bernat dishcloth cotton.
The wee stems aren't part of the pattern, but I think they help them look a bit more leafy, and I just made them with the cast-on ends of the yarn. The shaping itself is just a variation of the standard lace aspen leaf that seems to be having another day in the sun at the moment. I've seen loads of examples of it of late. Seems like everyone's re-discovered it at once.

This was a great pattern, and I'd definitely make it again (er, I already did, after all). The only other mod besides adding the stems was to add two stitches at the edges so I could make a chain edge instead of just a plain garter edge. That meant the start and finish were a little different from the pattern, but not by much.

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