knit that shit (and crochet too!)

Here they are, the projects I aim to get done before 1 January 2013. Right now they're in no particular order, but as they get worked on and (gulp) completed, I'll try to arrange them accordingly.

FINISHED surprise facecloth

Just when I thought I'd found everything, this facecloth showed up while I was gathering up the cotton for the doris daymat mk ii (see below).

Originally I was making the pattern shown in the photo above, but it just so happens that the morning I discovered it, I read about a free leaf facecloth pattern. So I wound up making two leaf facecloths instead:

Started: ummm, I vaguely remember starting this last winter. Not sure why, because I don't need any new ones. The new leaf pattern was started 18 August.
FINISHED: 18 August 2012

What stopped it: maybe that I realised I don't need any new ones?

What needs to be done: Sweet nothing. I rippped out the start of the old pinwheel pattern, and whipped these two up from that one ball of yarn, with a bit left over to use as part of a multi-coloured pinwheel sometime. Each leaf took almost exactly 45 minutes to make. I did one at the hairdresser's, then another when I got home.

Challenge: Accepting that I found a sixteenth item on the needles. But it's done now. This one was like ripping off a band-aid, with prettier results.

fractal jacket

This is a late addition that I only remembered this morning just before I went to work (4 July).

Started: about 4 years ago, during the Toronto International Film Festival (something to knit while standing in queues)

What stopped it: the TIFF finished

What needs to be done: the rest of the back/sleeves, the front/sleeves, finishing.

Challenge: finding all of the yarn that goes with this; learning to accept that I'll never match the striping on the fronts to the back because the whole point is I'm using random stripes, and it will be nigh-impossible to tell if it was the blue-purple yarn or the purply-blue yarn for a given stripe. They're very blendy.

FINISHED hearts and harps socks (Kristi from Sock Innovation)

Started: August 2010
FINISHED: August 2012

What stopped it: Excruciating upper back pain (now thankfully under control).

What needs to be done: the rest of the sock in the photo, and the other sock.

Challenge: I may not have enough yarn. I also know I did make some mods to this sock to make the size larger, but I didn't write them down. I have to figure them out for the second sock.

double knitted jacket (Central Park from Double Knitting)

Started: Over five years ago.

What stopped it: The realisation that I wouldn't get it done in time to wear it for that spring.

What needs to be done: The rest of the body and the sleeves; finishing.

Challenge: I was shortening the body by omitting rows whenever it was appropriate. Needless to say, I did not make any notes on what "appropriate" meant. The same will need to be done on the sleeves.

1942 doily

Started: It hasn't been started yet (see photo).

What stopped it: a variation on second sock syndrome  — I'd made one in less than a week, and for some reason it was hard to get into making another one.

What needs to be done: the whole thing.

Challenge: figuring out where I downloaded the pattern to.

beaded jacket

Started: sometime since I moved to the Beach. That is, in the last ten years.

What stopped it: the stitch pattern needs more chart attention than it looks, plus, being made of 100% wool, it was impossible to knit in transit during the summer.

What needs to be done: the fronts (one front started), one sleeve, finishing.

Challenge: I have more than one dye lot of this yarn, and have no idea which belongs to the jacket. Or, for that matter, if I have accidentally dug into the yarn for this jacket thinking it was stash.

estonian stole

Started: About four years ago.

What stopped it: Haven't the foggiest.

What needs to be done: Every time I pull this out and look at it, I'm surprised there's more done than I thought. There's maybe 2/3 of the stole plus the borders to do. Finishing is minor on this sort of thing (about the same for plain socks), but it will need to be done too.

Challenge: Figuring out which pattern I was using, and checking if I made any mods to it that I didn't write down (likely, but not proven).

mosaic jacket

Started: Last summer. Or maybe it was the summer before that.

What stopped it: Winter.

What needs to be done: The other half of the back, the sleeves, the fronts, the borders, finishing.

Challenge: There was something funky about the gauge and/or the body length, which is why I was working the back first instead of the fronts, like the pattern said (non-standard but that's how they wrote it). I'll have to figure this out again.

crocheted jacket

Started: um... five years ago?

What stopped it: a lack of confidence that I was finishing the fronts correctly. Also the constant worry that I will do all this work and it will look like crap on me anyhow.

What needs to be done:
finishing the fronts, darning in the last of the ends (some are already done).

Challenge: will probably need at least one reality check with expert crocheter J-A.

red diamonds jacket

Started: within the last three years.

What stopped it: I have no idea, but I seem to always get stuck on Kaffe Fassett patterns just when I'm getting the hang of them. Self-defeating masochism.

What needs to be done: the other half of the back, the sleeves, the fronts, the borders. Finishing. Hm, the same spot as the Mosaic Jacket. And as I recall, the Beaded Jacket had a similar sticking point earlier in its life.

Challenge: Will the colours be suitably blendy when I'm done? Will I have the guts to wear it?

faux raccoon jacket

Started: about five years ago.

What stopped it: I started it because I hate raccoons sooo much — they cost me over $3,000 in extra heating bills one year because they destroyed the attic of the apartment I was living in. The jacket is not from real raccoon (100% synthetic, in fact), but it wasn't making me hate the real vermin any less.

What needs to be done: Darning in ends, sewing on closures. It should probably be lined as well, but strictly according to the instructions, that's it.

Challenge: I think the sleeves are too long, and due to the construction method and fibre content there's not a whole lot to do about it.


Started: about five years ago

What stopped it: moving to the apartment I live in now (and losing the lining pattern paper pieces I'd traced out).

What needs to be done: Lining and finishing; maybe add a clasp.

Challenge: re-doing the lining pattern.

shetland shawl

Started: over twelve years ago.

What stopped it: Moving cities; stress-induced starting of many other projects.

What needs to be done: the rest of the border and the entire centre part of the shawl; finishing.

Challenge: I hope the needle size I remember is the needle size I was actually using. I also hope the yarn I bought to finish the centre actually matches the handspun I used for the border. Oh, and I hope the thick-and-thin handspun does not break stitches when it comes time to block the thing. That's all.

FINISHED doris daymat mk ii

Started: last summer.

What stopped it: I did finish the mat part, as you can see from the photo above. But I still want to add the flowers like I did to the Mark I mat.

What needs to be done: The flowers and attached them to the mat.

Challenge: Finding where I put the flower yarn. Okay, I think I know where it is, but I'm scared what state I'm going to find it in.

This is now finished. Quite frankly I got tired of accidentally knocking the bag of flower yarn over and causing more tangles. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places.

space invaders socks

Started: a year ago last spring. Now finished!

What stopped it: Excruciating upper back pain (now thankfully under control).

What needs to be done: the rest of the sock in the photo, and the other sock.

Challenge: Finding the yarn needed to finish the other sock.

modular jacket

Started: last winter

What stopped it: it got replaced with the zombie pillows, which were for a birthday gift.

What needs to be done: The rest of this piece, plus the other front, the sleeves, the back, the borders, and the finishing.

Challenge: Figuring out where I was at with the decreasing for the module currently on the needles. This time, I do have some notes, though.


  1. Love, love, love this! Pressure is on gal, get stitchin' and hookin'.

    1. The pressure is totally on. Given how much stuff I found just lying around the apartment, it is also totally necessary.

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    1. Ha! When I look at it, I think, "This is so daunting."


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